1 day trip (aprox. 5 hours)

Bucharest is a beautiful city that delights you with its tourist attractions, but also the surroundings hide architectural and historical treasures you can discover in a private day trip you'll remember with pleasure.



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What you can visit in a private day trip from Bucharest

Mogosoaia Palace, near Bucharest
The entrance of Mogosoaia Palace

The first stop in our tour from Bucharest is Mogosoaia Palace, located 15 km outside the city. The old castle is built by Prince Constantin Brancoveanu between 1698 -1702 in what is called the Romanian Renaissance style or Brâncovenesc style which was inspired by Italian Renaissance with baroque and oriental influences.

Aside from the castle, we will visit the basement, the church, some extra buildings (one of them turned into a small art museum) and the magnificent gardens with a lake vue.

Trinity Chapel situated on Stirbey Domain
Trinity Chapel – part of Stirbey Domain

We will remain in the same royal ambience by visiting the Stirbey Domain, another popular tourist attraction situated in Bucharest surroundings, which includes the park with the 14 000 sqm lake, the Trinity Chapel and the Stirbey Palace itself.

Besides the guided tour of the property, here you can choose to taste some of the centuries-old recipes carefully prepared by the chef of the Stirbey Domain’s restaurant or to relax in the park.

Snagov Monastery – aerial vue
Snagov Monastery – the Burial Place of Vlad the Impaler (Dracula)

The trip continues to the Snagov Monastery, an important place not to be missed in any Bucharest day trips.

One of the strongest fortified churches in the Middle Ages, the medieval monument situated on an island in the northern part of Snagov Lake houses the tomb of the dreaded ruler Vlad the Impaler known as Dracula, according to legend.

Caldarusani Monastery
Caldarusani Monastery

Our private Bucharest day tour ends with a visit to the Caldarusani Monastery which has a huge artistic value with its painting belonging entirely to Nicolae Grigorescu, one of the greatest Romanian painters. Moreover its museum hosts a collection of medieval art, old books and icons. Exploring this spiritual world will be the perfect end of our day trip from Bucharest.

The price for our Bucharest surroundings tour INCLUDES:

  • Transport by car/minibus, fuel, parking fees
  • English speaking guide/driver

The price for our Bucharest surroundings tour EXCLUDES:

  • Meals (aprox. 10 Euro/person/meal)
  • Entrance fees
  • Video and photo fees

Tour itinerary

Bucharest – Mogosoaia Palace – Stirbey Domain and the Trinity Chapel – Snagov Monastery – Caldarusani Monastery – Bucharest

Departure: 8 am (recommended) from your hotel

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  1. I trawled through lots of websites looking for a tour to Snagov Monastery but couldn’t get one because I was on my own. Rotrips were good enough to offer to take me to the monastery. and I was so happy to be able to go.

    The monastery is on a beautiful, peaceful island, with birdlife aplenty. My real reason for going, however, was to pay my respects to Vlad the Impaler, although it is disputed that buried there. But with the lack of an acknowledged burial site it is the best one can do.

    Thank you, Daniel and Christien, for making my visit possible.

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